Meet Our Team

Dariela Miceli

Owner/Head Coach:

I was born in Venezuela and have been living in Florida since I was 6. I found CrossFit in 2014 and haven't looked back since then. As I grew and learned more about this sport, I knew it was match...the sport, the people, the COMMUNITY as a whole. I was given the opportunity to attend a CrossFit L-1 seminar in 2017 and shortly after I began to coach classes in Port St. Lucie. I love sharing my passion for this sport and never forgetting where I started, and I share that story with everyone. We all have to start somewhere, never working out and barely able to lift an empty bar was my starting point, I have come so far. I love watching my athletes grow and checking off their list all their goals and accomplishments...always hungry for more! Opening up Palm City CrossFit was my dream, creating a family and amazing community with everyone around me. 

CrossFit L-1

CrossFit Gymnastics

USAW Level 1

Anthony Miceli


Brandi Lanier

Coach/Massage Therapist:

I've been a L1 trainer for 6 years & a massage therapist for 9 years. I started CrossFit about 8 years ago & never looked back. I love the community, the patriotism & just the simple fact that it challenges me everyday. I fell in love with coaching right away. Seeing someone reach their goals, whether it's their first RX pull up or a PR on their lift & knowing that I helped them, is such an amazing feeling. I'm super stoked to be here at PCCF!  

Danny Day


Dimitrios Argyriou

Hi, I’m Dimitrios Argyriou, (Coach D)
My wife Dawn and I have 4 children that keep us on our toes. One thing that helps us keep our sanity is CrossFit. We have been doing CrossFit since 2012. We started this journey on a whim with a trial at our first box. For the first 3.5 years I didn’t take it seriously, taking frequent breaks from it. In 2017, I found a new passion for it and a desire to better myself. Although the idea of coaching wasn’t something I considered in the beginning, it often crossed my mind. 
Within the past few years I committed to bettering myself by changing my diet and consistently being active. With lots of hard work I was able to drop from my heaviest weight of 240 down to my lowest since high school, 185. A health conscious diet, cardio and CrossFit made that possible. 
I also completed my first half marathon in 2018. My desire to become a coach came from my kids. When I would work out, during a WOD, they would ask if they could join me. That’s when I thought about doing it for them, and for myself. I’m proud to be a coach at Palm City CrossFit and I love that CrossFit is something my whole family loves and can participate in. It is a tight community and we are happy to be a part of it! CrossFit has taught me many things. The most important thing I have learned is to never give up, keep working hard and that you already achieved something just by showing up! I challenge others to make a commitment, to set a goal. The reward is worth the journey. 

Alex Squires

Boot Camp Coach:

Hello everyone, Alex here!

I am so excited to introduce myself, and my family to you. My husband Lance, I, and our two little girls have been a part of Palm City CrossFit for a year and a half. We LOVE this community more than words can express. Before becoming a member of PCCF I dabbled in some group fitness and HITT style workouts. However, I was most notorious for going into the gym, spending forty minutes on an elliptical, walking around all the equipment completely clueless, and calling it quits. I got to a place where I felt as if I wasn’t being challenged and I knew I was capable of more, I wanted more. I stumbled upon Palm City CrossFit and decided that if it was kid/family friendly that I would give it a shot. Not only did I find that it is family friendly, I also found that it is owned and operated by a sweet couple with kids of their own. Since joining, Lance and I have watched one another grow in strength, stamina, and mental toughness. When I tell people about functional fitness, and the CrossFit community I always say “I have been able to learn and master skills that I was unable to in middle school PE class” (I was the kid on the side line watching the other kids climb the rope!). I have had the opportunity to become a coach for PCCF Bootcamp class! Bootcamp offers a similar WOD style as CrossFit but without the Barbell and Olympic lifting. If you are looking for somewhere to truly belong, be challenged, encouraged, and accomplish fitness goals then this is the place to be!